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Funds may also be used to pay retail credit card invoices from thousands of merchants such as Walmart, Target, Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, BestBuy, Gap and Old Navy. Jointly, DOH and DHS have developed the Hawaii Background Check System (HI BCS) to assist facilities and the providers to comply with the background check requirements by providing a central web-based way of applying for a background check and to check on the status of current or previous background checks. You could also access the Ingo Money support in dozens of mobile banking programs including American Express Serve and Bluebird by American Express. Beginning in the summer 2019, the HI BCS will be accessible to be used by the general public. Ingo Money participates in the Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Star, Pulse, NYCE and Maestro payment systems. Background checks will continue to be performed by DOHs and DHSs designee, now Fieldprint.

LEGAL DISCLOSURE. The designee will obtain fingerprints and make fitness determinations. Approval usually takes 3 to 5 minutes but can take up to a hour. Additionally, the HI BCS will provide extra performance for licensed and licensed companies. All tests are subject to approval for financing in Ingo Money’s sole discretion. The additional performance of HI BCS includes the following: Fees apply for approved Currency in Minutes trades financed to your card or account. 1) Records of Fitness Determinations: Fitness determinations may be shareable.

Unapproved checks will not be financed to your card or account. If an employment candidate includes a completed background check using a Green Light determination within the last year, qualified employers might be allowed to see that fitness determination and NOT must obtain a new background test to seek the services of the applicant. Ingo Money reserves the right to recover losses resulting from illegal or fraudulent use of the Ingo Money Service. In this case, the offender could be hired instantly. Your wireless carrier may charge a fee for information usage. 2) Incorporate Rap Back: Employment monitoring within HI BCS will be sure you will be informed if a future Rap Back is received, which might affect whether your worker is qualified to keep on functioning for you. Additional transaction fees, costs, conditions and terms may be associated with the financing and use of your card or account.

3) Automatic Searches: Registries such as the HI Nurse Aide registry along with the OIG Exclusions List can be checked through an auto-match process rather than manually reentering applicant information for every search. Amazon.com Gift Cards ("GCs") offered by First Century Bank, N.A., a licensed and independent reseller of Amazon.com Gift Cards. This may reduce errors, save time and produce a very clear record of the searches that were performed. Except as required by legislation, GCs cannot be transferred for value or redeemed for cash.

HI BCS can also perform auto-match name registry tests in other nations where a candidate previously lived if that state has executed an auto-match system. GCs may be used just for purchases of qualified goods at Amazon.com or some of its affiliated websites. DOH and DHS are working to include different best background check site registries on this auto-match process. For complete terms and conditions, visit www.amazon.com/gc-legal. Criminal History Record and Background Check Info. GCs are issued by ACI Gift Cards, Inc., a Washington corporation.

Below are links to info about the Med-QUEST Division (MQD) criminal background record and background check program for home and community based services (HCBS) providers for QUEST Integration (QI) and the Developmental Disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities (DD/ID) 1915 (c) waiver. All Amazon, & therefore are IP of Amazon.com, Inc. or its affiliates. The Med-QUEST Division (MQD) is revising its process to run criminal history record checks in addition to Adult Protective Services (APS) and Child Abuse and Neglect (CAN) registry tests.

No expiry date or support fees. These revised processes are for Home and Community Based Service (HCBS) providers for your QUEST Integration (QI) program and Developmental Disabilities and Intellectual Disabilities (DD/ID) 1915(c) Waiver providers. Cash pick-up service is provided by MoneyGram Payment Systems, Inc., subject to the MoneyGram Terms and Conditions available at https://www.moneygram.com/us/en/terms-and-conditions; availability subject to broker operating hours and compliance with all regulatory demands.

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