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Black screen instantly, no warnings, just instantly switches everything off. I’ve scanned several times, I have no viruses and the games work normally without firefox. Firefox keeps crashing my computer while playing graphics-intensive games, yet with Firefox off they function perfectly. After the installation processes for all the new drivers reach completion, you have to restart your computer to finish things.

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There is a good chance Unreal Engine crashes have something to do with graphical shortcomings or inconsistencies, which can then be traced to the graphics card driver. If we are to consider this possibility, then we can extrapolate that the graphics card is in a bad state. The driver is probably broken, malfunctioning, Racing Games or corrupted.

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But with crypto mining malware becoming rampant designed to steal your CPU resources, a malware can also lead to system crash while playing game. For this type Device Manager in the search and open it. Now under Device Manager windows look for Display adapter. Next, right click on it and from the context menu select Update driver to check for updates for the graphics card driver. There’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a level or beating a challenging boss only to have the game crash before it saves.

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Windows needs a reboot to ensure your system takes all the changes that occurred into account. Only after the restart must you run the game or app troubled by Unreal Engine crashes to check and confirm that things are now significantly better than before. In fact, with that application, your computer gets to run new drivers for almost all its components . If Unreal Engine crashes have anything to do with issues affecting other drivers, then the problem will be resolved. Well, this way, since all the driver problems get resolved, nothing gets left out – and this is a good thing.

To this end, we want you to reinstall the driver to fix the problems with it. If the Nvidia graphics card update didn’t help or the video corruption problem surfaced after the update, it indicates, the drivers were not installed properly. Since Nvidia is constantly working to boost its performance through regular updates, installing the latest drivers help resolve the video corruption and playback issues.

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There are various methods to update your Nvidia graphic card drivers. The heat generated by your PC should be able to dispel properly. Otherwise, overheating would damage the Nvidia graphics card as well as your motherboard. Video card overheating affects the PC’s performance, especially when playing games and watching UHD movies. If the video playing issue is occurring while playing the games bought from the games retailer such as Steam or Origin, first thing you can do is to reinstall the game from the source. If this also doesn’t work, then go for Nvidia graphic cards troubleshooting shared in this post. A malware is not capable of causing critical issues that may lead to system crash while playing games.

For most games, these settings are fine and don’t really add much to the experience. However, if your GPU is getting old and has started to struggle a bit, it might be time to start tweaking with the settings and optimize them to get the best out of your graphics card. I am also having this issue, done what OP has tried as well as turning the game from borderless to fullscreen. Dropped the graphics quality to Low and sent it up to Badass, the length of time between crashes was almost consistent but not at the same time. Hello, I’ve installed various games onto my computer such as Garry’s Mod, and several other 3D type games that work perfectly fine without Firefox on, no crashes no problems. Several of my games , whenever I have firefox just up and running, it will just crash my computer.

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