Prayers-Love and GREAT BIG -Thank you to ALL Military workers (nevertheless right right here or passed) and their own families for serving our NATION.

Prayers-Love and GREAT BIG -Thank you to ALL Military workers (nevertheless right right here or passed) and their own families for serving our NATION.

We state all and families must be person that is military or had individuals waiting around for them and fretting about them. therefore, GOD BLESS YOU ALL

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Spicy Beef, certainly one of my personal favorite meat meals in situation of C’s. Just down autumn had been it had been heart burn” that is instant. Luckily I became in a position to run-down a medic with a few antacid. I usually enjoyed the pears and it also went great with all the lb dessert. We don’t remember consuming most dishes hot. The heat that is blue emitted a gasoline that could burn off your eyes and c-4 ended up being harder to discover for us. I actually do keep sudy in mind about per week we received a case of onions by mistake after I was out in the field. Also they were a treat but I didn’t appreciate them as much as the old timers did for me being a FNG.

From the the c-ration that is first we received. It absolutely was a “luck of this draw” immediately after we experienced the gasoline obstacle coarse at fundamental training. I obtained ham and eggs. I’d a few bites but could get the rest n’t down. Then there clearly was the white worms in red sauce. Never ever consumed each one among these dishes whilst in country.

Will need to have been with us 2006 I happened to be browsing the internet looking for dudes we served with also to my shock i came across a web page through the product we served with, first bn 22nd inf, 4th inf unit. Here’s a few of the photo’s from my web web web page:

The one and only thing we find myself wanting every once in awhile ended up being the moment coffee with needless to say dry creamer and sugar although i do believe it had been which makes it in just one of the C ration cans that gave it that unique flavor.

veterinarian 69-73 does anybody have recipe for meat and beans? one of several better memories of c rats

Hey Fred, I happened to be with the exact same device I was in B Company, August of 69 through June of 70 as you except. I happened to be constantly thankful that there is a medic around after We consumed the Spiced Beef. Hot or space temp, in either case i usually got a significant bought of heart burn soon after eating the beef that is spiced. I recall the first-time we surely got to sample some C’s soon after we went threw the gas barrier back fundamental training. We drew ham and eggs. The very first and time that is last ate that meal. I first arrived in country were my favorite ones towards the end of my tour with me it seemed the meals that were my least favorite when. There clearly was a time soon after making my 2nd go on to a new area we got resupplied with an instance of fresh onions by mistake. Also however consumed one as an apple nevertheless the fellows that were here much longer made c rat stew and threw within the onions. I do believe the onions had been gone in just a couple of of a days that are few.

The thing that is only skip was the minute coffee aided by the creamer and sugar. I usually managed to get in a rat that is c. It had a taste i can’t replicate even today.

yes I recall . you’ve got any concept the way the mean and beans had been made have not discovered a substitute that is close them. Ate a complete great deal as a young child . sooo want to find a rec for them now lemon help powder ended up being good with a few lineage tasting water

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