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The IDE is based upon Netbeans 3.6 so those familiar with that safari download for windows 10 64 bit popular open-source tool will feel right at home. There is integrated support for most standard development tools like JUnit and Ant, as well as good code completion and JavaDoc capabilities. However, there are several additional features provided.

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Experience immersive education and change your life by learning software development skills. Our 12-week Java coding bootcamp teaches you everything you need to know to enter junior developer roles in the workforce. Learn from expert instructors with an average of over 10 years of industry experience in our classrooms in Louisville or Minneapolis. Sun Java Developer Studio Enterprise 7 is available under two pricing models. You can purchase a single developer license for $1,895 per year.

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  • BlueJ does not allow browsing a class’s variables/methods as Visual Studio does, nor is there automatic completion of control and iteration statements such as switch, for, foreach, if, etc.
  • Checkstyle has a large number of plug-ins as well that let teams integrate continuous code checks into their projects.
  • It lacks all the convenient features of Visual Studio, FlashDevelop, and NetBeans that make them decent development environments.
  • I constantly fight the automatic formatting in order to make my code look neat and presentable.

Alternatively, the platform can be licensed for $5 per developer, per year, with a minimum of 1,000 seats. It is clear that Sun is targeting larger corporate environments with the later model . The single developer license might be cost-prohibitive for some small shops. An affordable upgrade from the previous release is also available. With the license you get the complete development platform, plus a number of developer services from Sun.

These services include email support, technical forums, articles, and code camps. Using my trial license, I accessed many of these resources and found them quite helpful to me as I was learning the tool. The numerous ‘code camp’ tutorials are especially informative for developers new to the platform.

For starters, there is full support for developing EJB -based applications. A most welcome new feature is its support for code refactoring. Refactoring allows you to make changes to objects or object properties and have those changes automatically propagated throughout the application.

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