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Overview of FamiSafe Phone Tracking & Parental Control Program (Sponsored)

CNXSoft here. I’ve been tasked with reviewing Famisafe parental control program for Android and iOS acting both as a parental control program and telephone tracker program and designed for phone tracker app parents who wish to track their children ‘ place and much better control when to use the telephone and what articles they may access.

The first thing to get started is to get the free trial on either Android or iOS.

I actually downloaded both versions for FamiSafe for this review, because I used Huawei Y9 Prime 2019 (Android 10) since the "parent" smartphoneand an iPhone 6 since the "child " phone.

Famisafe Initial Configuration.

We will have to get started with this "parent" phone.

Following a welcome screen explaining some of the chief features such as offensive content detection, apparatus & program usage rules, net filter, etc.. You’ll be asked to select if it’s your parent or kid apparatus. Once we pick "Parent" we now ‘ll be shown the differences between the Free and Premium version. The only real long term use case of the free program is if you have one kid and everything you need to do is to monitor he/her current site.

At first, I continued with the Free version, and the next step is to connect your child ‘s apparatus, and also we ‘re being asked to visit i.famisafe.com on the child ‘s apparatus to continue. The page will prompt you to download the program for your OS (Android, iOS, or Amazon FireOS), and help you to through the setup.

Including the activation of iOS or Android place tracking and the setup of a configuration profile with iOS settings to enable remote control of their telephone.

The last measures on the "parent" phone include preparing a four-digit pin and more instructions to change your child ‘s settings to enable Internet metering on Safari. The program is now ready to work with.

FamiSafe Features Overview.

The company provided a one-month subscription to let me access all features for your review. While we’ve obtained some shortcuts on the Home of the program, tapping on Features can bring out the Complete list of attributes divided into three Chief regions:

Control App Block to block all programs or specific apps based on age. Display time to allow your kid to only use the telephone for a particular period of time each day. Once the time has expired, this may block all programs installed in the program store, but your kid can still get calls and SMS. Web filter to control which type of sites your kid can access, and even specific URLs to block or allow Location Location history will show where your kid went during the day, and it retains a history for several weeks Real-time location shows where you kid is situated together with the battery amount of his/her telephone. Great to remind him to charge the phone. . And also you’ll get notified each time the telephone leaves/enters a place Detection Youtube content detection will scan subscribed videos to get suspicious content, and show you potentially harmful videos according to your predefined and/or habit word filters Suspicious photos — This was empty for me probably because there were no dodgy photos on the child ‘s mobile phone.

Control Features.

Let’s begin with the control features and namely the Program Blocker. The screenshot below example what happens about the iPhone (aka Kid phone) when program blocking is enabled.

On the screenshot on the left apps will show, but as soon as we block all program, LINE, Message, Google Translate, games, etc.. All vanish as shown on the right screenshot. It’s potential not to block all programs and pick the allowed ones according to age evaluation, in addition to setting a time for obstructing. This looks particularly helpful for a kid that uses his mobile to play games or access social networks during college.

In certain ways, the Screen Time function works the same way as Block All Apps from the Program Blocker program, except you may set the daily use for your own kid. So screen time is set to two weeks, and the telephone was used for just two hours, all programs will disappears except the default programs. It’s definitely easier that way to simply ell you kids he/she can only play two hours, then needing to assert when the time is up…

The Web Filter will permit you to block categories of sites (Adult, Drugs, Gambling, etc.. .) Or even specific sites, and when your kid attempts to access this type of content it will show "The URL was blocked with a content blocker" in Safari. Not this won’t work with other internet browsers such as Chrome. Notice that I attempted to obstruct CNN site but it did not work for me. I attempted some gambling and adult sites, and all were properly blocked.

The last control feature is Smart Schedule where you may set time and place once the telephone is "obstructed ".

Location / Phone Tracker Function.

IMHO, the telephone location tracker feature of the program is the most interesting from the program. The Location History department will show the whereabouts of your kids for the day.

The entire view will be hard to decode but zooming will show more details. In case you have one GPS coordinates ring which probably means your kid is in a car, a bus, or another car, but numerous circles indicate a stop, for example, the next screenshot signifies a visit to the market, while the third shows running in a public park. You may even browse in the past to test out other days. I’ve been using the program for a week today, and I have data for all days.

The Real-time place hasn’t much to it, but it’s one of the key features of this program and is available even at the free program. It merely reveals the positioning of your kid together with his/her telephone battery amount and timing of the hottest GPS coordinates upgrade.

The Geofences section is actually nice albeit with one restriction. It allows you to specify a perimeter from 100 yards to 1km around various places to get alerts whenever your kid leaves or enters an area. It’s easy to put in a geofence on your existing place, and searchable places like schools, sports facilities, shopping malls, etc.. . , but you cannot easily put in a remote location such as a buddy house since it’s not searchable. It’s still possible to add it but you need to be physically present. Nevertheless, it’s really beneficial to get alerted whenever your kid leaves or enters home or school. I don’t check my telephone notifications, and my telephone is generally set to "Do not disturb", therefore I added FamiSafe for my smartwatch to acquire significant notifications directly on my wrist.

The capability to monitor a mobile phone can bring reassurance to parents. Be aware that from time to time I wouldn’t be able to track the telephone, albeit the real time place was updated. A workaround has been to manually launching FamiSafe program on the child ‘s mobile phone.

The Detection section of this program was useful to me. It allows you to have a look at any potentially harmful YouTube videos at a YouTube accounts, or photograph stored on your child ‘s mobile phone.

Your kid would need to have a Google account that he/she use to login to YouTube to your "Youtube Content Detection" to do the job. Since the iPhone user would not log into YouTube, I utilized my account for analyzing instead.

The prospective Issues tab has rather mixed results partially because of having both English and Thai movies, and for instance, some Thai TV series/soap operas are indicated as "Drugs", even though a Formula 1 racing video is detected as potential "Sex" content. But a video of clashes during riots/protests is properly detected as being "Violent or aggressive" and I wouldn’t be surprised is Max Keiser had talked about drugs…

FamiSafe Pricing.

If you are only interested in checking out the real time location of one kid, FamiSafe is completely free forever.

Be aware that only the parent apparatus needs a subscription, FamiSafe is liberated on child ‘s phones.


FamiSafe phone tracking & parental control program can help bring peace of mind to parents who wish to care for their kid offline and online when they’re busy with work or other activities. I discovered the program to be really useful especially the telephone tracking and telephone control attributes, but the detection part so. FamiSafe worked fairly nicely constantly, except for a few times when I did not get Geofences notifications, also there are a couple of OS-specific constraints but all of which are nicely documentation. I will really recommend the program to parents, and you don’t have to take my words to it because you can try it for free for three times.

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